Mommy Phone Sex

mommy phone sex

 Mommy phone sex is what my mommy taught me all about. From a very young age she told me how little girls should always be willing to please their mommies and daddies in ways that no one else would. When daddy lost his job and well mommy just did not work they needed a way to make ends meet. They could not think of anything until one day their old friend from out of town came by they were planning on asking him for a loan. He had something completely different in mind though. While they were sitting there talking about the loan, he told them he would pay their rent every month in exchange for something very taboo. He pointed right at me, at first I heard my daddy say hell no but my mommy took him in the other room and talked to him. A few moments later mommy and daddy walked me to the back room and told me that their friend could do anything he wanted to me, and that I better be a good little girl or we would lose everything we have. I never wanted to disappoint them so I became his little toy over and over again. Now that I am going to be a mommy I can not wait to have her pay all my bills too. Giggle

Cheerleader Phone Sex With Angel Abbie

cheerleader phone sex

 Hi Daddy, I have been waiting to talk to you all day! Giggle. Today was such a amazing day at school. I wish you could of been there especially at the game after wards. When I got all dressed up in my short little cheerleader uniform and grabbed my pom poms and ran out on to the field bending over and shaking my little bottom just the way you like to see it Daddy? I have to admit when I saw all those men looking at me I got a little moist in my panties. Do you like that Daddy? Wouldn’t it be hot if me and you could do a hot role-play like that? Maybe you could be the coach and I could be the naughty cheerleader that needs to be taught a lesson? Come on don’t you want to have some cheerleader phone sex fun?

Cuckolding Phone Sex

Cuckolding Phone Sex

Do you taste it baby? Come on just admit it, when I come home to you after what I said was a long day at work and I lay down on our bed and spread my beautiful legs open and tell you to lick my hot cumming pussy, Can’t you taste that huge load of cum that filled my pussy a few hours before? I mean after all you have to know I am getting my pleasures from some where other than home when I get all pampered up and sexy before I leave for work. It’s just I am the one being worked on.  You have known for a long time that I am filled with someone else’s cream but you did not care you licked and sucked it all out of my hot pussy because you think about a big dick going inside of your hot wife all the time don’t you? You ready to be my dirty little cuckolding phone sex cum eater now?

Princess Phone Sex With Mariah

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pizap.com13939735436041I’m Virginia the black sheep of the family and that because I’m a little different from other people. I was make to baby sit my brothers and sisters while my mom was at work. OMG I hated the kids so much there where brats that would cry all the time. When I got sick of them I would put them in the closet and lock the door. I’m twisted phone sex slut that has no limits and no taboos. I love anything having to do with death blood and much much more. I love snuff phone sex call and anything that has to do with BDSM like I said I’m a twisted little fucker that is ready to play.

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